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These Hair Care Products are a Must for that Long Flight

There are few people in this world who enjoy going to the airport and enduring a long flight to get to your final destination. We know that flights can be a pain and tough on your body. Not only do you want to feel good on the plane, you also might need to look good right off the plane. We’ve got some tips and products for your long flight haircare:

Adapted from article by Marisa Haber.

Tips to Step Up Your Long Flight Haircare

Airplanes are notoriously dry due to cold air from outside the plane being used to filter through the pane. This air is very cold and doesn’t hold much moisture. Because the plane is dry, you will dry out quickly, too! An easy tip to try and combat your skin and hair losing moisture is to drink TONS of water! It’s very important to stay hydrated while in the sky, especially for a long journey. To help aid in keeping your hair hydrated, bring a travel-sized amount of hair mask or hair oil.

Hair Mask

The best part about your long flight haircare routine is that you can get in sufficient hours of haircare since you’re just sitting on a plane. Take the time to lather your hair in a mask, like Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. This mask is great for a long flight because it instantly penetrates the hair shaft and delivers lots of moisture to strands. Once you’ve coated your locks, put your hair up and let it sit in the product!

Hair Oil

If a hair mask is too much effort and you don’t want to apply something you’ll need to wash out, go for a hair oil. Hair oil is another great option for nourishing your hair during a long and dry flight. Focus the oil toward the ends of your strands if you’re on a flight that touches down during the day and you need to be somewhere. If you know you’ll be able to shower before any activities, then lather up your hair with oil! We love Moroccanoil Hair Treatment for dehydrated and dry locks. This oil will replenish hair with nutrients and absorbs quickly to avoid looking greasy.

Once You’ve Landed

Once you’ve touched down, it’s time to bring some life back to flattened and lifeless flight hair. That’s right, long flight haircare extends beyond the time you’re on the plane! If you’ve got places to be and little time to get yourself together, dry shampoo and texturizing spray are going to be your best friends! Bring back that needed bounce and soak up any unwanted oils before heading out on your adventure.


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