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NEW!! Did you hear about Enzymotherapy?

Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment


The newest patented European hair smoothing technology utilizes the highest grade of tannic acid in combination with fruit enzymes, which are activated using nanotechnology, heat, and traction (via blow-dry and flat iron) to reveal gorgeous silky smooth hair.

Its formaldehyde-free formula uses organic ingredients and relies on the naturally-derived tannic acid to smooth, straighten, and recondition your hair.

Why do I want a Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment?

As we age, our hair ages too. Perhaps it's not as luminous as it once was. Maybe its thinner, or coarser, frizzier and harder to manage. Maybe you’ve had thicker, coarser hair your entire life and want hair that is easier to style with a smoother, silkier texture. If your hair seems even more difficult to manage or really frizzy during more humid weather, a Tanino Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment is just for you.

Maybe you want to be able to wash or color your hair right after your smoothing treatment without having to endure a Keratin curing process. Perhaps you want your hair to be smoother and straighter for a longer period of time. All of the reasons described above are perfect for choosing this Enzymotherapy Smoothing Treatment.

It is truly one-of-a-kind in that it’s the first smoothing treatment to replace harmful formaldehyde with tannic acids. The tannic acids are used to straighten, restructure and modify the hair shape on a molecular level without the use of toxic chemicals.

The Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment is great for all hair types; fine, medium, coarse, curly hair, frizzy or fuzzy hair, damaged, or color-treated hair.

There is no waiting time with the Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment (like with a Keratin Treatment). You can wash or color your hair right after receiving the treatment. There is a “curing” time with certain Keratin Treatment that requires you to wait before washing or coloring your hair.

How long does a Enzymotherapy Treatment take?

This amazing hair smoothing treatment is labor intensive, and the process can take around 3 hours, depending on your hair density, length and coarseness.

What steps can I expect during the Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment process?

We first clarify your hair with a Pre-Treatment Shampoo, by shampooing your hair 3 – 4 times.

We rinse, then roughly blow dry your hair before applying the treatment, which must process for 45 minutes.

After a slight rinse of the treatment solution, we then begin the blow dry style and flat iron process, which uses heat to activate the enzymes and tannic acid while restructures and reshapes the hair strand on a molecular level to be straighter, smoother and frizz-free.

We then shampoo your hair again and apply a Tanino Mask to seal the hair cuticle.

After, we blow-dry style and flat iron for a second time. This last stage reveals silky, smooth, straight, long lasting hair results you will love!

How long will my Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment last?

With Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment your smooth, straight, silky hair will last up to 6 months.

How much is my investment?

This wonderful smoothing treatment is $443.



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