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5 Hair Tips to Prep You and Your Tresses for the Big Event

There are plenty of decisions that go into planning the perfect prom night or any other special event this spring and summer. Once you’ve chosen your dream dress and shoes you’ve got a list of beauty choices to make, including of course, how you’ll wear your hair.
Lots of factors need to be considered, from the style of your gown to the texture of your hair and the amount of time and money you want to spend.To help ensure your big night is also a really good hair day, we’ve put together a list of 5 hair tips. 
1) Avoid any major cut or color changes prior to your event–keep your strands healthy looking with a trim a few weeks before, but don’t go drastic.
2) Wear a button down shirt for your hair appointment–a pullover can mess up your ‘do when you’re changing into your dress.
3) Bring a photo of your dress, front and back, so your hairstylist can help you choose a look that works with it.
4) Stow a travel-size bottle of your go-to hair spray and some bobby pins in your purse for hair emergencies. Ask your stylist for a recommendation!
5) Come to the salon with dry hair–especially if you’re getting an updo, in which case you’ll want to wash your hair the day before.

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