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19 Fall Balayage Ideas Just in Time for Autumn. By Elise Tabin

For sun-kissed, lived-in color, the hand-painted highlight technique known as balayage is the way to go. Celebrity hair colorist and Olaplex ambassador Tracey Cunningham says balayage is great for fall. "It allows a colorist to add multiple colors to the hair, resulting in a multidimensional, low-maintenance, and beautiful look without the need to come to the salon every three to four months like with a bright balayage touch-up."

Balayage involves painting lighteners along the hair's surface, which creates softly blended highlights focused on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. It is perfect for fall as it gives that natural, fresh-from-summer and sun-kissed look with a bit more depth at the root.

What's nice about transitioning from a summer color to one for fall with hair already treated with balayage is that it doesn't require a complete redo. Tiffanie Richards, master colorist, explains that balayage easily transitions into a fall look because it most likely began with a lived-in, shadowed root. "Adding lowlights or a deeper gloss or toner can easily transform the existing balayage into a richer, cool weather hue." Almost every hair type and color can pull off natural-looking highlights with balayage, which is why Cunningham says it is a universally loved technique. So, if you're considering revamping your balayage color in time to make a statement for fall, consider these looks as the ultimate source of inspiration.


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